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Premier Summits Radio Experts:

Anna Maria Prezio, Ph.D., is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant, Bestselling Author, Holistic Health Practitioner, Board Certified Holistic Alternative Psychology Practitioner and Intuitive. Her focus is on environmental and spiritual reconstruction and vibrational energy healing. She has incorporated her knowledge of feng shui and its effects on personal environments to enhance people's lives.
Aila Accad, RN, MSN "Your Stress-Busters Coach" is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author and certified well-being coach with Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in nursing who specializes in instant ways to release stress and reclaim that energy to live your passionate purpose
Jill Rheaume, Certified Stress Management Coach who is passionate about helping others overcome their stress to begin living healthier and happier lives. Jill says, "Relieving stress in my own life and sharing those tips with others has become an obsession that I can't imagine living without".
Dr. Joe Rubino: Self Esteem is a BIG component when it comes to losing weight. Dr. Rubino is an internationally acclaimed expert on elevating self-esteem, a life-changing personal development and success coach on how to restore self-esteem, achieve business success, maximize joy and fulfillment in life and dramatically increase productivity.
Thomas Von Ohlen MS, NC, is a holistic nutritionist and former director of Advanced Center For Nutrition. He is also a co-author of the book, "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health," author of "60 Days to Whole Body Cleansing and Healthy Weight Loss," as well as the designer of the Plasma Pro blood analysis software for doctors.
Kelly Stallings is a licensed psychotherapist and the author of Life is Mental: Think Thin to Live Thin, the simple solution for addressing the mental aspect of weight loss. Since 1994, she has worked with people to create significant changes in their life including increased overall physical health by teaching the appropriate uses of cognitive behavioral techniques for healthy living.
Connie Bennett is a certified life coach, certified health coach, health journalist, founder of the Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction Program, and author of the bestselling book, Sugar Shock!, which has been praised by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Christiane Northrup and many others. Back in 1998, Connie quit sugar on doctor's orders. She has helped thousands of people around the world to release their sugar addiction.
Seth-Deborah Roth is a Registered Nurse and Anesthetist. In her private practice she deals with many clients who have medical issues that must be addressed while making life changes. Her 40 years of medical background offers a unique understanding of weight loss as it relates to medical conditions.
Marna Thall: While many people struggle to lose weight, feel hopeless, unfulfilled and unhappy with their weight naturally thin professional coach and author, Marna Goldstein Thall is living the life of her dreams and experiencing all the joys of being naturally thin.
Mark Mercatto has a background in Natural Health and while helping to keep his father alive with natural/alternative medicine he stumbled across a discovery that change his life. This discovery allowed him to lose all the weight he wanted quickly, easily and permanently and he also helped many others do the same.
Lisa Rickwood, is a business owner, coach, visual artist, wife, mother and the author of, Escape the Pace: 100 Fun and Easy Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Your Life. She has appeared in numerous newspapers across North America, on radio shows and on television, including City TV in Vancouver, BC.
Harriet Meyerson, is a speaker, author and coach and the founder of The Confidence Center where she works with people who want to improve employee morale and reduce workplace stress. Harriet is a soft-spoken, natural teacher and helps people have a peace of mind when everything gets crazy in easy to apply ways for anyone dealing with stress.
Diana Fletcher, The Stress Reducing Coach, author, and motivational speaker is an expert at helping people reduce stress and achieve optimal health no matter how busy and hectic their lives are. Diana is the author of five books,including Reduce Your Stress and Month by Month Stress Reducing Strategies.
Steve G. Jones Doctor of Education and Educational Specialist from Georgia Southern University. He also holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Florida. As an author, speaker and NLP Master, Steve has a thriving practice and helps people reach their personal goals without the struggle of force and will power.
Deborah Yaffee: Certified Nutritionist and Cleanse Coach. Deborah has an undergraduate degree in Biology and subsequently received training in Massage, Nutrition, and Elder Recreation Services. She and her husband, Chef Martin Yaffee, offer an integrated mind-body-spirit approach to assisting people achieve their wellness goals. Debbie has coached hundreds of people to their optimum health and weight loss goals through Nutritional Cleansing.
Susyn Reeve M.Ed. is the award winning author of Choose Peace and Happiness. Her work is based on three premises, which when applied lead to personal empowerment: 1. We are the artists of our lives - our beliefs, thoughts, assumptions, words, choices and actions are our tools. 2. Articulating a clear intention and living from the center of that intention creates our experience. 3. When you alter your relationship with yourself your external experience changes accordingly.
Daniel Munday is a fat loss specialist based in Sydney, Australia. He helps time poor professionals get back in their skinny jeans and loose the inches from their bellies even if they've been burned by every workout craze or diet fad that's ever been conceived.
Allison Maslan, was recently named One of the Top 50 Women Entrepreneurs Who Inspire Us by Self-Made Magazine. She is the president of Blast Off! Life and Business Coaching, an international motivational speaker and No.1 bestselling author of Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams Into Reality. She has been an avid entrepreneur building nine of her own businesses in many different industries. As a life and business strategist, Maslan has coached thousands of clients in developing and achieving their own successful life and business ventures and transitions.
L. John Mason, Ph.D., is the author of the best seller Guide to Stress Reduction and Founder of the Stress Education Center, established in 1978. John has worked for 30 years to assist people to "increase productivity, enhance performance, and reduce the impact of stress on your body and your life." John regularly speaks to national groups and organizations and has provided training and certification in stress management since 2001.
Rosalie Moscoe, has experienced stress, poor health and made her way back to healthier, more vital living. Her training and experience in workplace wellness, stress management techniques and holistic nutrition give her the knowledge and interest to help others go from "Frazzled to Fantastic!" She is author of Frazzled Hurried Woman! A Stress Relief Guide.
Sharon Livingston, holds a Ph.D. in humanistic psychology from Kennedy Western University. In addition to her private coaching and consulting practice, she has done extensive psychological research for many companies including Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach Diet, 100 Calorie Pack, Kraft, Nabisco, Pillsbury, and Shaklee Vitamins.
Mike Moore, is a popular speaker, humorist and cartoonist whose work has appeared in magazines and newspapers throughout Canada and the USA. He is a recognized authority on the power of therapeutic humor in human wellness and relationships. His many speaking engagements throughout North America have convinced him that humor and laughter form a universal language that entertains, heals, unites and motivates, and of course, greatly reduces stress.
Don Giberson is a Master Law of Attraction trainer and a transformation coach who has been training Law of Attraction teachers and coaches since 2006. He is founder of the Higher Consciousness Training Institute, an organization that trains Higher Consciousness Coaches and offers programs for transformation and living an enlightened life.
Barby Ingle Diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy after a minor auto accident in September 2002. She is the author of RSD in Me! and ReMission Possible

Her unique story has been featured on Good Morning Arizona and a variety of other television shows, newspapers, magazines. She is currently the Director of The Power of Pain Foundation”

Jerry V. Teplitz, Ph.D., is the author of Managing Your Stress In Difficult Times: Succeeding In Times Of Change, Switched-On Living and Brain Gym for Business and Switched-On Selling: Balance Your Brain For Sales Success. Dr. Teplitz has been President of his consulting firm for over thirty-five years and conducts seminars in the areas of leadership, management, stress management, employee productivity and sales development.
Dan Howard: If you've had enough of life being stress-full and are ready for something completely different, come learn how to choose rest over adrenalin to experience the joy of life... now. Dan Howard's Intentional RestingSM method is a simple tool that at any moment invites you into yourself, into your own inner stillness, into your own be-ing... into your own wisdom.
Dr. Linda Berry may be thin now but after college her best friends father described her and her best friend in not such a complimentary way. Dr Linda weighed almost 30 pounds more than she does today! And she's helped countless patients lose pounds and inches where it counts most.
Steve Olsher, host of Reinvention Radio, and founder of The Reinvention Workshop. His focus on helping people discover, and create a plan of action for pursuing, their WHAT that is, the ONE thing they were born to do affects positive, permanent change around the world.
Catherine Poole is known internationally as "The Queen of Color"TM and is an expert in color and human response to color. Catherine was a professor of color theory and graphic design for over fifteen years, including nine years at The University of Notre Dame. Learn how color can enhance all aspects of your life.
Cindy Locher was first hypnotized at the age of 5 by her father who was a Social Worker and learned hypnosis as a therapeutic modality for his client work. In addition to her private practice Cindy teaches hypnosis topics at Normandale Community College and Inver Hills Community College and hosts the popular Twin Cities radio show, Hypnosis Today on KDWA radio.
Marilyn Gordon, teacher, speaker, healer, school director and author with thirty years experience both teaching and healing. She is the Author of The Wise Mind. Being in touch with the "Wise Mind" can create expanded life transformation, spiritual growth and healing. Marilyn shows you an innovative, easy-to-use yet profound Wise Mind technique to transform any of the challenges of life. You can use it for yourself as well as in your work and with others for truly powerful results.
Beverly Taylor is the "Stress Relief and Clean Up Queen"! She helps people clean up their homes, stress, relationships, careers, lives, emotions, and even brain chemistry. Beverly is the author of "Clutter to Clarity: The Easy key to Organize" and was the featured hypnotherapist in the TLC (The Learning Channel) TV show "Help! I'm a Hoarder".
Dr. Keith Brown was living the life he had worked so hard to have and then, in what seemed like only moments, he lost it all. In this place of loss, he first took the time to really listen to his spirit, asking for help and direction. Once he had that instruction, he began to utilize his mind to put things into action. It was out of this process that Dr. Keith developed his own Back to Basics program to reclaim his life and re-create the future that he was destined to live.
Gary Kobat is an expert on the importance of balancing spirituality health and self-love. He is currently working with Jim Carrey as he promotes his new film, and is the man behind our favorite celebrities who keeps them focused and grounded spiritually, physically and mentally. A huge part of Gary s job is to teach his clients how to shift their attitude to regain control, peace and happiness in their lives.
Auriella O'Neill passion and gift is teaching and guiding people in discovering and bringing forth their own inner spiritual empowerment which leads to their self empowerment and more manifesting success as is evidenced by the 97% success rate of her clientele. She is the dynamic teacher and coach of The Path To Inner Empowerment, has taught her Create and Empower Your Life workshop internationally, and is the host of her international radio show.
Peter Fogel, "The Reinvention Guy", has worked on many TV shows, including Married With Children, Hope and Faith, and Whoopi. He transitioned from a successful stand-up comic to an in-demand freelance advertising copywriter/problem solver/speaker.
Jim Murdoch. Leaving a religious background Jim awoke to the vastness of the universe and the love towards him and his wellbeing. He realized how much fear was holding him back from being himself and he's learned to let that fear go and pursue his purpose. He and his wife have authored Wings of Change which tells of his growth in awareness and part of that story. He guides others to move from being lost in life to a self-discovery leading to a meaningful, purposeful life.
Dr Joey Faucette. With over half of all American workers dissatisfied at work, productivity, innovation, and successful results are difficult to achieve in the current climate. That's why it's so vitally important that business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives lead in a Work Positive Lifestyle and simultaneously why it's so important that employees do the same.
Nina Roe offers online classes, eCourses, teacher training, readings and the Living with the Angels membership program. She discovered her life mission in her 40s: to mentor and teach inspired souls how to connect with their angels and reclaim the magic of everyday life.
Monique MacKinnon & Kita Szpak are highly creative and entrepreneurial women based in Ottawa, Canada whose vision is to touch and impact people, businesses and corporations worldwide through their unique edutainment style that is highly engaging, groundbreaking and life-changing.
Dr. Samuel Arthur Mielcarski DPT, is an expert in the fields of health and rehabilitation. He has over 15 years of clinical rehabilitation experience, as well as additional training, education, and practice in: integrative bodywork, raw and living foods nutrition, natural hygiene, exercise/fitness, mind-body integration, and personal training.
Michelle Matteson - Michelle is the creator of MindGap Solutions - the program that blends her 20 years as a business owner, entrepreneur, and consultant and knowledge of the human mind to help people change unwanted habits and behaviors.
Kamilla Harkaby - Kamila is the founder of Money*Mission*Mastery. She says that, ultimately, it s really not about the money; it s about living your most authentic life and mastering yourself. Money*Mission*Mastery is the KEY to unlocking YOUR unlimited potential.
Glenn Daniels has over 25 years experience in working with thousands of individuals and organizations to help set strategies that create powerful changes from within. His clients are spread across a variety of industries including the United States Military, communications, insurance, medical, funeral and network marketing.
Karen Watts: Karen began teaching business in 1999. Since then her business writing has been featured in, Reach Magazine, and The Educator s Voice. Experience from her pre-business role as a women s counselor helps Karen to blend together the essentials of couple s communication and sound business strategy. Karen works with her partner of seven years running several internet based businesses.
Dr. Bob Reese, former Head Trainer, New York Jets is the author of Develop the Winner's Mentality. Bob has used hypnosis to successfully assist NFL players, Olympic athletes, and amateurs at all levels of competition for performance enhancement.
Dr. Brian Alman, best selling author of more than 5 books on the subject of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Dr. Alman studied at Suffolk University in Boston, and then went on to receive his clinical psychology Ph.D. at the California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego. Included in his years of education, Dr. Alman received hypnosis training from Dr. Milton Erickson.
Dr. Tim Brunson, was once challenged by medical authorities to establish the scientific basis of hypnosis. Tim responded by founding The International Hypnosis Research Institute, which publicizes studies and conducts courses for allopathic and integrative health care professionals around the world. He is the developer of Advanced Neuro-Noetic HypnosisTM, an innovative system that accelerates performance enhancement and promotes physical and mental healing.
Jim Katsoulis - Jim knows the power of self hypnosis and the power of the mind. After making dramatic personal life changes he has gone on to help others learn how to program their mind for personal success and happiness.
Dr. Wil Horton is a licensed Psychologist, an alcohol and drug counselor. Dr. Horton is considered one of the leading experts in subconscious communications. His background in Clinical Psychology has given him a unique insight as to how the human mind perceives both the material world we exist in, and the spiritual world that overlaps it.

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Steve Levinson, Ph.D.
Following Through: Why We Should, Why We Don't, and How We Can"

Dr. Levinson is a clinical psychologist with 38 years of experience, an author, inventor and internationally recognized authority on the topic of following through. His book, "Following Through: A Revolutionary New Model for Finishing Whatever You Start" (co-written by Pete Greider), has received widespread critical acclaim for offering a totally fresh, compelling and surprising explanation of why we humans so often do such a lousy job of following through on our own good intentions. His provocative theory and bold solutions to the problem of poor follow through have resulted in extensive media exposure including appearances on ABC TV's 20/20 and BBC radio.

Joseph Facchiano
Success is a Choice: A proven plan for assuring that you don't sabotage your own success.

With over 30 years of experience throughout all areas of business, Joseph Facchiano is a certified business performance coach,keynote speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Ranging from leadership in Management Information Services in the Apparel industry, to Sales and Sales Management in Telecommunications, to most recently leading Strategic Data Acquisition for Dun & Bradstreet, Joseph now shares his business experience and acumen with business owners, executives, aspiring executives, and students.

Dr. Tom Potisk
Wellness Wins: How to Make Healthy Profits With a Healthy Workforce

One of America s top natural health care practitioners, Dr Tom Potisk is a leader in his field. He was elected Chiropractor of the Year, published and lectured extensively in his community, helped thousands of patients in the holistic practice he began in 1985, and teaches industries how to profit with a healthy workforce. With his books and presentations he shares his knowledge and experience worldwide, in practical self-care heath methods we, our families, and our employees can benefit from immediately.

Dennis Coppola
Overcoming Mental Adversity

Dennis Coppola is the founder and CEO of Life Leadership Developers. Dennis is a motivational speaker, trainer, life coach, and expert on decision making and leadership studies. Dennis helps managers, CEO's and entrepreneurs build confidence to empower decision making to improve their life and business.

Dennis shares how anyone labeled or diagnosed with a mental illness or emotional issue can overcome and achieve personal goals.

Marilyn August
Eliminate Revenue Roadblocks

Marilyn August has been dubbed the Queen of Ka Ch'ing by her clients. She is an author and speaker on the subject of growing your revenues with integrity. Her book Wealthy U- Seven Sacred Wealth & Wisdom Lessons is filled with profound self-awareness actions steps that increase wealth consciousness.

The Lessons have been used for more 20 years to dramatically increase revenues. Unlike other coaches and business development advisors, Marilyn provides a holistic plan to grow your business revenues.

Rabbi Ed Weinsberg
How to Reignite Sexuality and Intimacy After an Illness Like Prostate or Breast Cancer

Ed Weinsberg is an intimacy coach and healthcare educator with a doctorate in gerontology. A prostate cancer survivor, he was moved to write a book called "Conquer Prostate Cancer: How Medicine, Faith, Love and Sex Can Renew Your Life" (published in October 2008).

Rabbi Ed guides boomers and seniors on the risks and benefits of various prostate cancer treatments, and he addresses all patients how best to go from being passive to proactive members of their healthcare team, especially when interacting with their physicians.

Dr. Bernie Siegel
Reflections on the Art of Healing and Living - Living with Less Stress and Improved Health

Dr. Bernie Siegel In his life's work as a medical professional, Bernie, as he prefers to be called, learned the power of including the spiritual and psychological parts of self for personal empowerment and healing.

Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo
Hormone and Immune System Secrets for Achieving Your Ideal Weight
Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo can show you how to create the vibrant health you desire one bite one choice at a time. Her own transformational journey from exhausted to energized inspires women of all ages to create vibrant health and an amazing life.

Scott Tousignant
Easy Workout Strategies For Ultimate Body Transformation

Scott Tousignant is a Certified Personal Trainer and a graduate of The University of Windsor's Human Kinetics Program with Honors in Movement Science '99. Scott began with an intense interest in Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics, but quickly developed a love for Sport Psychology.

Mark Romero
Vibrational Success-Transform Your Life through the Power of Music!

Mark Romero, recognized as a global leader in both personal and professional development. As Founder and CEO of Mark Romero Music Inc. Mark has successfully led high impact solutions for thousands of individuals, organizations and entrepreneurs through his proprietary Vibrational Success Musical technology, creating extraordinary success, increased health, and higher levels of consciousness.

Paul Scheele
How To Meditate Like A Himalayan Master In Only 3 Minutes A Day

Paul Scheele has activated the natural brilliance within millions. He is the CEO of Scheele Learning Systems which offers advanced technologies to support human development.

Matt Stone
Altering The Weight Set Point - How to Increase Your Metablism to Lose More Weight

Matt Stone: Author and independent health researcher. Matt is the author of six books and an international health icon with an extensive following all over the globe. Matt teaches people how to increase metabolism to burn more fat and lose weight.

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