Reader Question #2: What Can’t You Say

We’ve all had this idea at some point. What can’t you say? And there’s a simple and concrete set of rules, well in most places there are. Just take a look at what can’t you say on the radio.

And then the same person asked this hum dinger of a question how would life be without the radio. Which is interesting to think about because we often take for granted how big of an impact radio has made in all of our lives.


Reader Question #1: What About Ham Radios?

Readers sometimes send questions to us via email. It’s not quite as common to receive a handwritten letter like we used to 10-20 years ago, but an email can really create just as much curiosity as one of those old paper letters.

Today we had a reader ask what can you do with a ham radio? Well, what do you think? Does anyone here use those anymore? We sure don’t.

Another strange question we received was how would a biologist fix a radio?

Well, what about that one?

Welcome to PSR

Hello and welcome to PSR (aka Premier Summits Radio, aka

If you’ve been following us on air, then this post is no surprise. But if you haven’t then here’s the low down on what’s happening.

  1. PSR needs a place to publish all of our great updates, rants, ideas, promotions, etc. and this is now it.
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