5 Foundational Future-Body Ways To Beat Your Hand Tremors

Unintentional muscle movement is termed as a “tremor” according to medical definitions [1]. Various parts of the human body can be impacted by this condition including hands, trunk, face, and legs to name a few.

The emphasis of this piece will be hand tremors.

For patients who are suffering from hand tremors and wish to treat this condition, it is important to have a good understanding of what is required. This read will gauge five of the best ways to remove hand tremors from your life once and for all.

1) Medicine

The first option physicians look at would be medication. They believe this can reduce most of the hand tremors in your body immediately. Take note, most physicians in the United States will not mention herbal supplements. This is due to the current state of the medical practice in this part, and many other parts of the world.

Which medications are going to be used in this regard? A person will be offered one of the following three by their physician depending on the case: propranolol (Inderal), primidone (Mysoline), and long-acting propranolol (Inderal LA) [2].

Beta-blockers can also be used depending on your condition. This often goes well for those who are dealing with hypertension and require assistance in that regard. The idea is to deal with the cause and hope the tremors go away.

It does not work for all patients but is a solid place to begin.

2) Surgical Procedures

Let’s move onto the surgical procedures a person will be able to contemplate. Please remember, this will depend on your case and how those hand tremors are settling in. The physician responsible for the case determines whether this is a good choice or not.

The surgical procedure is called “Deep Brain Stimulation” and uses an electrode to emit signals to the brain. This helps disrupt activity in the brain and “rewire” it to remove those tremors from occurring [2].

It works well for numerous patients and can significantly reduce a number of hand tremors a person has every day.

3) Wrist Weights

The third method is to use wrist weights. The idea is to have a constant set of weight around your arms to make it easier to control them. It reduces some of the “jerking” movement that occurs with the tremors.

When the weight is in place, the hand is not able to freely move as it might have without the wrist weights.

It is recommended to give this an opportunity to assist because it has changed lives for many sufferers who are dealing with hand tremors around the world.

4) Use Of “Heavier” Objects To Remove Weakness

The weight of an object has been studied as a meaningful solution [2]. The purpose behind using heavier weighted tools is to reduce the impact of hand tremors. For example, purchase plates that are heavier and are going to weigh down on your hands.

The reason for this is to provide a better grip over the plate and ensure it does not slip out of your hands.

It is a renowned method for those who want to eliminate some of the problems hand tremors bring to the forefront on a day-to-day basis.

5) Maximize Specialized Tools

A simple task like writing on a piece of paper can become troublesome for those suffering from hand tremors. It is recommended to consider locating specifically designed utensils for the task.

The pen, in this case, would be designed for those with weakness in their hands.

The tremors will not cause the tools to fall out of the person’s hands. This can help with writing.

It is not a method reserved for pens, but for anything that has to be gripped. Changes can be made in this regard.

These are proven ways of reducing the impact of hand tremors and removing them from a person’s life once and for all. Hand tremors can become a worry for some reasons, and each case will differ.

Medical professionals have spent years dedicating time on this subject and believe these five ways are the best approach to take. A comprehensive combination of all five can eradicate hand tremors from a perosn’s life.

Speak with a medical professional before embarking on this journey of a tremor less life that will provide full control. This will ensure the appropriate decision is made for your particular case.

Before you go, I’d also like to mention a great program called the Tremor Action Network (TAN). If you or someone you know suffers from Essential Tremor, why not donate today? You can help fund the cure to this debilitating condition.


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